Desires that are accomplished bring happiness.

Desires that are not accomplished or that cannot be accomplished bring sorrow.

Accomplishing the desires that we can fulfill, such as getting something done so that we may relax, will bring us happiness.

By forgetting our desires that cannot be fulfilled now and using this moment to fulfill desires that we are capable of accomplishing, we will once again find happiness and avoid sorrow.

To judge the importance of each desire, we must look to the past consequences of similar desires, to our wanting to accomplish the desire now, and to our appreciation for it later. Therefore, we must look to the past, the present, and the future.

Accomplishing desires that bring harm upon others will surely bring us sorrow in the future. We must again judge the importance of each desire to see if it is worth fulfilling.

One does not become “bad” by thinking harmful thoughts; one becomes bad by accomplishing ill-judged desires that come from thinking harmful thoughts. One becomes “good” by learning to control these harmful thoughts.

Desires fuel the world, because everyone wishes to lead a happy life, and that is a desire in itself.

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